Landscape Companies Must Publish or Perish

The lament of college professors is that they're not hired to teach but to publish in journals that will give them and their colleges prestige. They call the process “Publish or Perish.” It's true for landscape companies too. Whether landscape companies are aware of...

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Selling Fences: The Ducks are Hunting You

Everyone in the business of selling fences has heard the expression to go “hunting where the ducks are."  Google Search has turned reversed the expression. The ducks are now hunting for you. Let me explain. In the duck world, the male duck is called a drake. A female...

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Landscaping Websites Should Sell, Not Tell

There are two kinds of landscaping websites: sellers and tellers. The seller generates leads, appointments, and sales. The teller is free consultation and a waste of time money and effort. Landscaping websites that are tellers are just a data dump. They're just...

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