When Do I Need a New Landscape Design Website?

One of the challenges we face with landscape design clients who have been with us for years is their boredom. If a business owner gets restless about their marketing, they may end up making big mistakes for no reason. That’s why we tell clients, “You should be bored...

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4 Emotional Reasons People Remodel Their Homes

Too often, home remodelers make their marketing about the practical aspects of their business. What they can offer, their years of expertise and fancy degrees, their unique vision or master craftsmanship. These things are great for making the sale, but they only tell...

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Why All Home Contractors Need Professional Photos

“The clothes make the man” It’s an old saying that gets to the heart of the truth: Appearances matter a lot. From the clothes on your back to the sign in front of your business, people are always judging. We know this instinctually. We fill our homes with mirrors so...

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Finding the “Uber moment” to get more reviews

If you’ve taken a trip using the ride-sharing app, Uber, then you know all about their star rating. Every driver has it prominently displayed, and Uber requires its drivers to maintain at least a 4.6-star rating to keep driving for them. That’s extremely high, right?...

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Are You a Word-of-Mouth Business?

Every business says, “We’re a word-of-mouth business.” And from their view, it’s true! Most of the people who come through the door say they got a recommendation from a neighbor or family member. While small to mid-sized businesses may get a lot of leads through word...

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Landscape Marketing: It’s Math not Golf

The most important thing in landscape marketing is golf? Landscape marketing has changed a lot since the old days. On my first sales call representing a radio station to the biggest advertising agency in Washington D.C., the owner put his arm around me and said: ”Boy,...

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What Language Should Your Fence Website Speak?

Anyone can transmit a message on a fence website. A pro makes your sure the message is received. A star makes sure it elicits a response. If you want to be effective at writing online, you need to take into consideration that you have to write differently for...

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